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360Pro Publishing

360Pro Publishing is a dynamic publisher dedicated to the production, distribution, and licensing of books and related merchandise. Our mission is to support independent authors by providing comprehensive services that help bring their stories to life and reach a wide audience across Asia. We specialize in the production of high-quality books and branded merchandise that captivate readers’ imaginations.

In addition to our production efforts, we have a strong focus on the distribution of books throughout Asia. Our extensive network and strategic partnerships allow us to connect authors with diverse markets, reaching readers in different countries and cultures. We are committed to expanding the reach and visibility of independent authors, helping their stories find homes in the hands of eager readers.

At 360Pro Publishing, we also specialize in licensing and rights negotiations on behalf of independent authors. We understand the complexities of the publishing industry and the importance of protecting authors’ intellectual property. Through our expertise and industry connections, we work tirelessly to secure the best licensing and rights deals, ensuring that authors’ creative works are respected and their stories are shared with the world.

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